C O A S T  is an architecture and research office based in Copenhagen
specializing in architectural design, planning, and visual documentation of the built environment.

C O A S T operates in the ephemeral territories mediating land and sea
 addressing societal and natural change in anthropocenic landscapes.

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COAST Studio
Kødboderne 24
DK-1714 København V
CVR: 35347437

Rasmus Hjortshøj
Founder, Architect, Photographer
Cand. Arch, PHD-Fellow
M: rasmus@coastarc.com
T: +45 22934889

Ania Pierańska
Architect , Cand. Arch
M: ania@coastarc.com
T: +45 42421921

Lucrezia Biasutti
Public Relations ,Cand. Arch
M: lb@coastarc.com
T: +45 20319708

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