C O A S T  is an architecture and research office based in Copenhagen
specializing in architectural design, planning, and visual portrayal of the built environment.

C O A S T operates in the ephemeral coastal territories mediating land and sea
 addressing societal and natural change in anthopocenic landscapes.

For futher information on photographic assignments, fees and copyrights to material, 
don't hesitate to contact us for an informal description of services and rights of usage.

+ Rasmus Hjortshøj
Architect and Founder
PHD-Fellow Cand. Arch
M: rasmus@coastarc.com
T: +45 22934889

+ Anna Pierańska
Architect B. Arch
M: anna@coastarc.com
T: +45 42421921

COAST Studio
Kødboderne 24
DK-1714 København V
CVR: 35347437