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COAST - Collective Architecture Studio
COAST is founded by Rasmus Hjortshøj, photographer and architect Ph.D. 
COAST is an architectural photography and research studio specializing in the representation of space, architecture and urban environments. Through architectural photography, the studio portrays the work of leading practices and institutions in the field of architecture and design. Through territorial photography, the studio engages in the visual mapping and aesthetic framing of natural/urban territories.
Through research and design, the studio engages in a variety of collaborations in practice and academia. COAST argues that the aesthetic framing of both the objects and territory may help identify challenges and novel solutions relating to physical transformation processes in the intersection between architecture and the environment. Focus is particularly drawn to the coastal territory where urban fabric superimposed on dynamic landscapes often disregards the natural forces that remain the premise for human settlement - bringing to attention a lack of negotiation between dynamic territories and urban intervention.
A variety of approaches, media, and collaborations all gravitating around the built environment. A collective architecture. 

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Refshalevej 167F
Skabelonloftet Rum 8
DK-1432 København K
CVR: 35347437

Rasmus Hjortshøj
Architect, Photographer, cand. arch, PhD-Fellow
M: rasmus@coastarc.com
T: +45 22934889

Lucrezia Biasutti
Public Relations ,cand. arch
M: lb@coastarc.com
T: +45 20319708

Alessia Cacopardo
Architect , cand.arch
M: ac@coastarc.com
T: +45 60199285
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