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COAST - Collective Architecture Studio
COAST is a Copenhagen based research and design studio specializing in architectural photography and territorial  mapping. The studio explores the built environment and the entanglement of society and nature in coastal territories of the Anthropocene.
COAST argues that aesthetic framing of objects and territories may aid in identifying urban and environmental challenges relating to  physical transformation processes in the intersection between architecture and the environment. A condition particularly interesting in the coastal territory where urban fabric is superimposed dynamic landscapes, often disregarding the natural forces that remain to be the premise for human settlement. Bringing to attention a lack of negotiation between dynamic territories and urban intervention.
The work of COAST stands on three main pillars: Architectural photography, landscape photography, and research and design. Through architectural photography, the studio portrays the work of some the region's leading architectural practices and institutions and their oeuvre of novel solutions such as BIG, COBE, DAC, and Realdania. 
Through landscape photography, the studio engages in the mapping and framing of the territories surrounding the built environment with field reportages from territories in a state of criticality such as: the Danish West Coast and its state of post-naturalness, the pending ecological crisis of Miami, or the terrestrial degradation of Panamas indigenous population's archipelago. 
Through research and design, the studio combines aesthetic representations with the  the architectural drawing and engages in a variety of collaborations in practice and in academia. This has translated into such differentiated projects as: a new design for the Viking Ship Museum extension in Oslo, Copenhagen Archipelago - a speculative design proposal for a resilient climate protection plan, Via Nordica - a cross-disciplinary study investigating the implication of tourism and infrastructure on the coastal ring road in Iceland, and SEACHANGE - a research project exploring how the territorial hybrids emerging through the entanglement of cultural and natural territories, may be represented and translated through mapping and photography.
A variety of approaches, media, and collaborators all gravitating towards the built environment. A collective architecture.
Architect, Photographer, PhD-Fellow
Rasmus Hjortshøj Cand. Arch and PhD-Fellow is the founder of COAST. Through COAST Rasmus has exhibited and been published in a variety of books, magazines, and institutions gravitating around the field of architecture.
Through his career, Rasmus has worked as an architect in scales ranging between building scale and master planning scale. Designing projects from their initial design phase on to construction development. A role that through his career increasingly gravitated towards not just the design of architecture, but also the formulation and representation of architecture. 
Rasmus is currently holding a position as Ph.D. Fellow in the Research Department of the Aarhus School of Architecture carrying out the research project SEACHANGE - Representing territories of the Post-Natural.
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Refshalevej 167F
Skabelonloftet Rum 8
DK-1432 København K
CVR: 35347437

Rasmus Hjortshøj
Founder, Architect, Photographer
Cand. Arch, PHD-Fellow
M: rasmus@coastarc.com
T: +45 22934889

Lucrezia Biasutti
Public Relations ,Cand. Arch
M: lb@coastarc.com
T: +45 20319708
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