Location: Oslo, Norway
Client: Statsbyg
Program: Museum for the Viking Age
Size: 13.000 m2
Status: 2nd prize - Final contract negotiations
Collaborators: JAJA Architects,Søren Jensen Engineer Consultants

The main objective of the competition has been to create a 13.000 m2 museum featuring research and learning facilities but also modern and more spacious exhibition spaces for three iconic viking ships og the norwgian national heritage.

The Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune viking ship are amongst the most important cultural heritage objects in Scandinavia. Today, three viking ships are housed in a 1913 national heritage building designed by Arnstein Arneberg, which has a distinct appearance and presence in the landscape., but needs to be upgraded in respect of the treasures housed with in.

One of the main challenges of the competition task was to create a new extension that would create optimal exhibition conditions for the fragile viking ships while respecting the existing historic building. Furthermore it was our goal to strengthen the connection to the nearby historical museum Folkemuseet via a landscape intervention.

Embedded in the terrain, JAJA & COAST conceived a museum extension that offers an undulating rooftop landscape with three hills covering the three viking ships below. Like an echo of the traditional viking graves (where viking leaders were found buried with their ships), the new museum extension reinterprets the historic culture while respecting the solitary Arneberg building in the landscape.

The jury stated: "With its unobtrusive and organic design, «Vikingtid på ny» creates a new museum landscape above and under the ground, adapted to the site and Arneberg’s architecture. The new building subordinates itself to the existing buildings height and the building is placed in the north, withdrawn from the existing building. Being read as part of the landscape, the building does not compete with the existing architecture. Arneberg’s interiors still retains its relevance with its entrance and its important functions." 

Aerial View - credit: JAJA + COAST

Site Plan - credit: JAJA + COAST
View of Main Exhibition Space - credit: JAJA + COAST
Plan level 0 - credit: JAJA + COAST
Plan level -1 - credit: JAJA + COAST
Plan level -2 - credit: JAJA + COAST
View of 'Tinget' - credit: JAJA + COAST
View of Mezzanine Level - credit: JAJA + COAST
View of the Main Exhibition Space - credit: JAJA + COAST
Panoramic view of the Ships Collection - credit: JAJA + COAST
Section AA - credit: JAJA + COAST
Section BB - credit: JAJA + COAST
View from surounding and loading bay - credit: JAJA + COAST
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